The secret place to me is like a garden, where the more time I spend alone with Him, it becomes a beautiful garden!

Secret Place Video

In my relationship with Jesus, He showed me a garden, but it was destroyed and very dry almost nothing was green and it was full of thorn bushes and overgrown weeds, and only in between all this overgrown weeds I could see little flowers! It was a place I neglected because of the lack of knowledge, lack of understanding who I am in Him, what He desired from me. I didn’t know my identity in Him! But most of all I neglected the secret place because of the CONDITION of my very own heart!

Once I found that place called the secret place He removed veils and lies from my life!

The secret place I want to encourage you today to never neglect!

Jesus went to the Mount of Olives, for secret prayer – a place where He knew it’s only Him and the Father! May you find a place where you know it’s only you and Him.

Dear heart pursue the secret place with all of your heart!