Our prophetic clay earrings are handmade with love for a worthy woman like you, who desires to take prophetic action and declare His Word over your life.

From my heart to yours, I pray that you will receive this with an open heart.

Praying the Word of God is one of the most powerful prayers we can pray. We need to grasp this, we need a revelation of this, and we desperately need a revelation of Jesus.

We need to overcome rejection, fear, depression and all the lies and wounds in our heart with the Truth. It is only His Truth that will set you free.

This is a prophetic action, and an action given to you by the Holy Spirit. It becomes a sign and proclamation to the spirit realm. God starts it, and you act on it, causing heaven and earth to connect.

As you wear your prophetic clay earrings, remember to pray the Scripture as often as you can during the day, until it becomes steadfast in you.

Seek Him, trust Him and love Him with all of your mind, your soul and your heart. I pray over you that you would peruse and press through to the secret place.

Let the dry and desert places in your life turn into a beautiful garden, where flowers will grow, giving a fragrance of His love. A place where streams of waters will flow, a resting place, a place where you know you will meet Him.

You will never be the same when His Truth enters in.


Today I am sharing a video of Anja Fourie, our brand ambassador, worshiping on Breathe, a song that moves me deeply. Every time I soak in it, I become aware of the revelation and reality by declaring this words, and it overwhelms me. Breathe - Music Video As I was...

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Peace Beyond Understanding

This is a plain white earring that represent His peace! The peace that Jesus spoke about, is a peace that only He can give to us, nothing in this world can give us that! You can't find this peace in materials things of this world, you would keep ending up finding...

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Prayer for South Africa

A Prayer for my nation, South Africa Father I ask in the name of Jesus for an awakening in our Nation South Africa. Father I pray for Your watchmen to arise. I pray that You would give us a deep hearts desire to see our beautiful Nation through Your eyes, to believe...

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